SIgn up & KYC 1. Sign up & KYC
Instant sign up with real time KYC & AML compliance check . Meaning , multicurrency wallet with current account IBAN for your personal or business can be opened in just few minutes.

SIgn up & KYC 2. Account load Top up your account using any instant payment methods such as debit, credit, PayPal, android pay , quickly and conveniently.
Virtual & Physical card 3. Virtual & Physical card
Virtual & Physical Multi EMV fuze prepaid /debit/credit cards.

- Mobile TAP ‘N’ PAY feature.
- Contactless card payments.
- *Across 39 Million merchants as well as POS terminals.
- Withdraw cash worldwide across 3 Million ATM’s and 1 Million + virtual ATM cash points.
P2P Transfers 4. P2P Transfers
Transfer your funds in real-time globally, conveniently , and secure to other C32 users.
Agency Banking 5. Agency Banking
Enable real time banking features such as faster payments , Sepa , Swift , xledger ; So you can conveniently and securely carryout day to day transaction in real time.

Card Control 6. Card control
Total control .

Manage all you bank accounts and cards on mobile.

You can block and unblock cards should you lose it, manage balances, set savings goal and manage the link between cards and bank account .

Statements 7. Statements Search. Access. View . Download

All your linked multi bank account and card transaction history in one place.
Multifx & peer to peer exchange  8. multifx & peer to peer exchange Better, Compelling and transparent multi currency exchange rates.
Cheaper international real time money transfer service.

Peer to peer exchange allows wallet users and traders to buy and sell cryptocurrency which is not available in their local country’s exchanges.
(As an example, users in Africa can buy XRP, ETH,BTC, LTC,NEO,C32 in their local base currency )